Constraint from \cos 2\beta

There are two ways to access the value of \cos 2\beta, which allows one to remove the ambiguity between \beta and \pi-\beta that comes from the measurement of \sin 2\beta:
  • From the time dependent analysis of the decay B \rightarrow J/\psi K^{*0} it is possible to extract the values of both \sin 2\beta and \cos 2\beta using the angular analysis of the Vector-Vector final state.
  • Using the same Dalitz approach of the DK measurement of \gamma, it is possible to measure \beta from B^0 \rightarrow D^0 \pi^0 decays (up to a \beta \rightarrow \beta+\pi ambiguity) from the interference of the B^0 and \bar{B}^0 decay amplitudes, as suggested in hep-ph/0503174.
The experimental values we use are summarized in the Table of Inputs. The representation of this constraint in the (\bar{\rho},~\bar{\eta}) plane is given below.


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